4626 Alliance

The 4626 Alliance is a group of leading protocols and applications that share the mission of supporting the development and deployment ofERC-4626 vaults.ERC-4626drastically simplifies the process of building cool and useful applications by decreasing the complexity of integration while improving UX and security.

  • Alchemix is a future-yield-backed synthetic asset protocol and community DAO.

  • Aztec is a privacy-first zk-rollup on Ethereum bringing confidentiality and cost savings to the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Balancer is a decentralized protocol that provides DeFi liquidity infrastructure.

  • Beefy is a multichain yield aggregator and optimizer

    Beefy Finance
  • Blockworks is a financial media brand that delivers breaking news and premium insights about digital assets to millions of investors

  • Cove is an automated ERC-4626 yield optimizer.

  • Frax is a fractional reserve stablecoin and crypto native consumer price index protocol.

    Frax Finance
  • Joey was one of the creators of the ERC-4626 standard and founded Fei Protocol.

    Joey Santoro
  • The state-of-the-art DCA protocol It enables users to DCA any ERC20 into any ERC20 with their preferred period frequency.

    Mean Finance
  • Morpho is an on-chain peer-to-peer layer on top of lending pools.

  • mStable is an autonomous and noncustodial infrastructure for yield products.

  • PoolTogether is a lossless prize saving pool protocol

  • Sommelier is an automated portfolio management and strategy platform building dynamic, intelligent vaults.

  • Superform is the universal yield marketplace. It allows protocols to list vaults and users to deposit instantly with any asset on any chain.

  • Yearn is a decentralized suite of products helping to earn yield on digital assets.


Funds Raised

The alliance contributes capital to advance the development of the ERC-4626 ecosystem
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ERC-4626is a tokenized vault standard. Vaults are smart contracts that take in token deposits and do something with those tokens to provide token rewards to the depositor.

Standardizing vault implementations makes it easier for applications, plugins, and tools to integrate with vaults.

Rather than building many custom adapters for each vault implementation, applications can easily build on top of any vault following theERC-4626standard.

ERC-4626is to vaults whatERC-721is to NFTs.


WHY ERC-4626?

A lack of standardization for tokenized vaults makes integration and composability difficult. Lending markets, aggregators, and other interest-bearing tokens all might use a vault standard – without a standard implementation, each protocol needs to implement their own adapter, leading to more errors, more attack vectors, and wasted development resources

A standard for tokenized vaults will lower the integration effort for yield-bearing vaults, while creating more consistent and robust implementation patterns.

ERC-4626 Resources

Browse a collection of resources on ERC-4626 including useful GitHub repos, live vaults, unit tests, videos, tweets and more to help you get started with deploying your first vault.

  • GitHub Repos

    Extensions, wrappers, utilities, examples helping to adopt the ERC-4626 standard.

  • Videos

    Guides, tutorials, keynotes and reviews helping to dive into the standard

  • Tweets & stories

    Relevant social media posts, articles, tweets and highlights about the ERC-4626 standard

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Check out our live bounties. Alliance members can post bounties for ERC-4626 related development.

Bounty Program Overview

  • For Bounty Hunters

  • For Members

  • For Protocols

Bounty rewards are first come, first served. The second implementation received won't be awarded unless the first submission is deemed invalid.
Once a submission is received we will update the bounty status from "Open" to "Pending" and then to "Complete" once it has been paid out.
All submissions are subject to review by the protocol that the bounty targets.Bounties will not be paid until the target protocol approves the implementation for accuracy.
Any changes suggested by the target protocol must be included before the bounty hunter will be awarded the full balance. If the hunter doesn't wish to make changes or can't, the Alliance may award are partial sum at its discretion for the work that has been completed.
The Alliance has the final say on payouts and if the implementation is valid.
Please be patient during the review process as coordinating with Alliance members & target protocols can take time.