ERC-4626is a tokenized vault standard. Vaults are smart contracts that take in token deposits and do something with those tokens to provide token rewards to the depositor.

Standardizing vault implementations makes it easier for applications, plugins, and tools to integrate with vaults.

Rather than building many custom adapters for each vault implementation, applications can easily build on top of any vault following theERC-4626standard.

ERC-4626is to vaults whatERC-721is to NFTs.

WHY ERC-4626?

Tokenized Vaults have a lack of standardization leading to diverse implementation details.

Some various examples include lending markets, aggregators, and intrinsically interest bearing tokens. This makes integration difficult at the aggregator or plugin layer for protocols which need to conform to many standards, and forces each protocol to implement their own adapters which are error prone and waste development resources.

A standard for tokenized Vaults will lower the integration effort for yield-bearing vaults, while creating more consistent and robust implementation patterns.


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ERC-4626 News


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Applications built on top of ERC-4626 vaults work with all yield-bearing ERC-4626 vaults, making integration and innovation much easier.


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Applications built on top of ERC-4626 vaults work with all yield-bearing ERC-4626 vaults, making integration and innovation much easier.


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